Trovit web app

Trovit simplifies the search for flats, cars and work by adding thousands of ads from other pages web in a single search. It is present in more from 50 countries with a volume of about 100M users a month.

Topics to consider:

· Trovit is an aggregator, so it does not have its own content.
· The solutions have to be scalable (more than 50 countries).
· Part of the effort is focused on research to detect new
opportunities and ensure that we offer users what they want.
· Trovit is present on several platforms (web desktop, web mobile, apps native).
· The solutions at the design level have to be consistent in all the platforms

Based on a compilation of user feedback, the challenge was:
1. Detect what problems exist
2. Define and select which problem is most relevant to work
3. Propose a solution at the usability and interface level (only for web mobile).